Hi. I'm Pim van Dijk.

And this is my portfolio with projects, publications and my C.V. I am currently working at ICT Automatisering as Junior Software Engineer.

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Some of my projects.

I really want to show you some of my projects.

Banking system

In the first year of my studie at the University of Rotterdam I developed a banking system. In our class there were 5 individual banks by 5 groups of students. In the first half of the course every group had to develop their own banking system, in the second half we had to connect the banking systems together, so you could access your own account at all other banks. It was a very instructive project, where I learned to be part of a team. Because of all the different systems, we had to collaborate for the best possible solution. The system was written in Java.

NFC and facebook on Android

One of my most challenging projects was my project with NFC and android. In 2011, the first half of my second year of my studie at the University of Rotterdam, I had the idea to connect NFC and Facebook. When the user scans a NFC-tag, the phone will automaticly open the app and show the pop-up to like, share, comment or check in on anything.


At my first internship I developed Macnada for Van Rennes Electronics. Macnada stays for Machinedata To Database (In Dutch Machinegevens Naar Database). Macnada is a system to manage all the connected machines and show the data and show graphs to improve the production with these machines. The system contains three products:

  • A database to manage all the data.
  • A desktop programma to convert the incomming reports from the machine to the database.
  • A website to access the data with graphs.
  • Publications

    Here are some of my publications. Most of them are written in Dutch.

    My C.V.

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